Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alianya jayden

My name is Alianya Jayden. I am bounded in two worlds. And when I say world, I mean two pallarel universe. I am not crazy. Think about it... Have you ever wonder what would've happened if you took a different path or if fairies and unicorns were alive? Well somewhere out there, someone is living in that world... that world where you couldve been off better or worse.

My world that I knew is no longer what I know. Magic... Real magic where you can see and use are no longer practice or hidden. I watched my family die so magic would die. I was suspose to die. My world had ties to what you would call, "aliens". We were at peace until we were invaded over some legend.

I am bounded to two worlds. Your world and my world. I was bounded by magic. I took over whoever I was suspose to be in your world.

My name is Alianya jayden and Im not from your world.